Progressive Rock band from Essex, UK. Channelling

The spirit of classic 70’s prog, with some modern influences and their own diverse style.

Lead Guitar & Vocalist - Ash Burder.

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals - James Blaze

Drums & Precussion - Jon Blazeby



ELO Encounter (Studio visit 11.06.17)

Mark Keates (Studio visit 23.04.17)

Rebecca Jayne released her debut single ‘I Want More’ in July 2016. The single received critical acclaim and made it into the Top 100 Tunes Country Charts. The single was              followed by her self titled debut EP which reached the               top 40 iTunes Country album charts.

The creative production job on Alan Dreezer’s track ‘To Do This’ has resulted in a deeply atmospheric and unique piece of music that backs up and enhances the mood and              meaning of the underlying song really well.

             Alan’s latest album is ‘London E12’ (April ‘18)

Alan Dreezer (Studio visit 04.06.17 & 04.11.18)

Local singer and songwriter from Braintree, Essex.

Rebecca Jayne (Studio visit 28.05.17)

The Beautiful Secret (Studio visit 26.03.17)

Joanna Forest (Studio visit 02.04.17)

Joanna is an Official Number One selling Classical Soprano.Having trained at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts she is now regarded as one of the most talented sopranos performing today.

Aaliyah Wood (Studio visit 12.02.17)

Singer songwriter located in Braintree.

Ben Smith (Studio visit 05.02.17)

Ben is a Musician from Essex.

He plays originals and covers ranging from

the Beatles to Oasis.

Studio visits so far…

Rob is a member of ‘BAND THEFT AUDIO ‘

with a set list like no other band,

BTA promise to keeping you on your feet dancing and              partying from start to finish!

Raised on Manga, metal and the undeniable influence of the Essex dance scene, Killatrix like to push the boundaries of rock, lacing it with electronica to create a hybrid,

             electro-dirt noise.

Killatrix (Studio visit 18.06.17)

Drawing inspiration from all of ELO’s phases, from their

spectacular debut single 10538 Overture to their seminal

1981 concept album Time, the ELO Encounter combines              lights, projections, lasers and massive hits to              provide a fast paced and exciting show for both              your eyes and ears.

Et Tu Bruce (Studio visit 09.07.17)

Keep an eye on Joshuar’s facebook page for more on this talented young man and we cant wait for his new web site available soon.

JoshuaR Richardson (Studio visit 20.08.17 & 08.07.18)

Rob Jones (Studio visit 15.10.17)

Megan Chappell (Studio visit 03.12.17)

Priscilla Bailey (Studio visit 07.04.18)

A quirky, upbeat, contemporary gospel singer. Priscilla has an EP due for release on May 1st 2018 entitled 'I believe in Love' via Daisy Records. It's a fusion of gospel, neo- soul, pop, funk genres,

The Regents (Studio visit 20.05.18)

The Regents are the hottest & latest R’n’B band to hit the scene for a long time.

They are hugely influenced by the original MOD spirit of              1964 and all share the same passion of music              through their love of  R’n’B & Blues.

Josie Tullett (Studio visit 27.05.18)

A wonderfully talented young singer-songwriter far beyond her years, she definitely has a gift.

The best thing about any human being is who they are,              Josie Tullett is beautiful, gentle and kind.

Thomas Lock (Studio visit 17.06.18)

A talented young artist from Frinton-on-Sea in Essex

Singing Folk Rock and Progressive Rock.

Check out his latest EP ‘If we move forward’

The Half Light (Studio visit 12.08.18)

D’Artagnan (Studio visit 19.08.18)

Singer, songwriter, actor and commercial model.

Ryan Taylor (Studio visit 26.08.18)

Hey! I've recently come up with the idea of creating a

Facebook page to help me to achieve my dream one day and to become my very own artist! it will be much appreciated if you guys help me to share my videos and              invite your friends and family to like my page.

is about writing for the love of music, not about writing to be popular, or to fit into a commercial pocket. Story-telling and music is about being authentic and passionate without succumbing to the manufactured demands of a music            business run predominantly by business heads, not            music lovers.

Described as “West London meets West Coast”, Et Tu Brucé blend pop, rock, folk, and country, and tie them all together with their signature harmonic sound. Composed of

Londoners Jamie White, Siôn Hewitt, and brothers Craig and Darryn Bruce, they are fast becoming the band to watch.

I perform my own compositions as well as an eclectic mix of rock, pop, soul and reggae covers.  My mother bought me my first guitar when I was 9 and I taught myself to play. I was an infant air guitarist.

  From a young age I loved writing lyrics.

are a four piece indie band from London who have

returned to the scene in 2018 with new material and a

new line up. The band have released their new EP

 ‘Night On My Mind’, which is being released in

 full along side the single ‘Seven Summers’.

DAVE HEANEY (weeks 1,3 & 4)

Andy Kyriacou (Studio visit 20.01.19)

through Sony.

The first single from Modern Romance since the 80's is officially released! "Rhythm Is My Lover" and is available on indie label Nub records and is distributed

Errol Kennedy (Studio visit 10.02.19)

Errol Kennedy is a British musician, songwriter, composer, producer and original member of the British soul, funk and pop band Imagination.

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Dave Mascall (Studio visit 14.04.19)

was born in Southend and began playing guitar at the age of 14. He was first inspired by the playing of Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore and the like, but when he saw a television          programme featuring the late Joe Pass          he started to change direction and          started to develop his jazz playing skills.

Blue Nevus (Studio visit 23.06.19)

Jessica Alice is an emerging songwriter, artist, producer and DJ from Essex. Brought up in a musical family Jessica has been singing and writing songs since she

Jessica Alice (Studio visit 11.08.19)

was very young. Her solo career really took off in 2013 and since then she has extensively toured the UK and Europe.

PAUL BOWEN (week 2)

Four very experienced musicians who are well used to appearing in Theatres, Clubs, Holiday Parks, Outdoor Arenas and Dances.They have an excellent rapport with their audiences and believe that it not just enough to

Fat Old Dad (Studio visit 20.10.19)

play the music but that the  audience should be entertained as well.

Talented young girl from Colchester

Gen Irving (Studio visit 08.12.19)


Interview Sunday 18th October 2020

Robbie Bunsell age 15 from Brentwood lost his father during lockdown (not covid related) and then his step father around the same time was very sick with covid19 and has now recovered. He picked up his guitar and wrote an amazing song as a tribute to his dad. Are you here is now available on all platforms, Robbie would like to promote his song and also would like to share as it's been a difficult few months and he knows that people would be able to relate to his song.

Dave chats live to


Sunday 25th October 11.30am

David is 82 years old and has recently written his second song.

The arrangement and vocals are by Alan Binks.

We  are both members of Kirby Community Choir and given there has been no choir since March we decided to collaborate on writing songs. His hobby is writing poetry and Alan has a vast experience of the music industry. Although Alan has now retired he has his own little studio at the top of the house. Hence it was a marriage made in heaven.