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Please read through our demo submission policy to give yourself the best chance of getting on air. There are many ways to get your songs heard by the team here, but our favourite format is CD. Please send a biography and/or media pack with a clear track listing and also contact details so we can get hold of you.

You can also email links, however we DO NOT accept unsolicited MP3 submissions, you will need to have been in contact with one of our team before sending tracks via email otherwise it will be rejected. We do accept links to youtube and myspace but these must be original studio recordings- no covers or pub gigs.

However if you choose to cyber-submit we will still need a biography and/or media pack to be emailed to us in order to tell our listeners about you.

Thanks for reading and good luck !


Getting your music on-air….

Mail: spotlight@lfmradio.co.uk

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The SPOTLIGHT brings you something old and something new with the best of new music from the local area and across the UK; mixed in with the usual mix from the Leisure music library covering the last 50 years, it makes for a great night of music and chat that is sure to deliver something for everyone.

Postal address:

The Spotlight Show

24 Priors Way, Coggeshall

Essex  CO6 1TW





Please note the Spotlight Show

is now aired on the

1st & 3rd Monday

of each month.


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Monday 6th October

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"I first picked up the guitar at the age of three, i mean it was just a toy and i had no idea how to play it, but it definately revealed my early love for music to say the least!"



Monday 6th September

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