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Dave Heaney will be pleased to hear from any local bands or artists who would like to feature within this show, either performing a live session in the Leisure FM studio or having their recorded music played.

Please forward a CD or mp3  and include a short history (bio) about yourself or band, along with any website or social media page you may have.

Ben Smith

Is a 23 Year Old Musician from Essex.

He plays originals and covers ranging from the Beatles to Oasis.

Studio visit 05.02.17

Postal address:

Spotlight’ 24 Priors Way, Coggeshall, Essex  CO6 1TW

NEW FOR 2017

A platform for local talent

Sunday’s 11.00am - 2.00pm

So far…

Aaliyah Wood

Singer songwriter located in Braintree.

Studio visit 12.02.17

The Beautiful Secret

Singer songwriter located in Braintree.

is about writing for the love of music, not about writing to be popular, or to fit into a commercial pocket. Story-telling and music is about being authentic and passionate without succumbing to the manufactured demands of a music business run predominantly by business heads, not music lovers.

Studio visit 26.03.17